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my favorite is "I can whine in 2 languages", this would fit so good as we speak 2 languages at home. Would love to win this one in 2T.

Margaret Smith

Thank you for offering this giveaway. I like the she's my mommy, not my nanny tshirt. Some really cute sayings. Thanks again for the giveaway and please enter me.

Jennifer Monteiro

I like the bread and white rice shirt and the I'm swirked shirt with the ice cream cone in 4 T

Stephanie V

fave item = intercontinental swirl shirt. Just like my little boy!

Danielle S

I love the "I'm Swirled" for my little Multi-Culti Cuties!
Love this site!


These are fantastic! "She's my mommy, not my nanny" cracked me up. My kids are much more caucasian looking than I am, so I can relate. I like the blender design best.

Elaine Rosser

Love the t-shirt slogan "I'm A Little Bit Of Everything".Size 4T please!

christopher h

love the she's my mommy, not my nanny shirt


I like the intercontinental shirt in 12 months... since our little one will be a jet setter by the time we hit one year with all of our travels!

bob keck

Intercontinental Swirl in T2. Great products, by the way!


I love the one that says "I can whine in two languages."

Vicky Boackle

i like the she's my mommy,not my nanny tshirt.


"She's my mommy, not my nanny" is the perfect shirt for my niece. everyone always thought my sister was her nanny because my sister has black hair and black eyes and olive skin and my niece is blue eyed, dirty blonde with pale skin. this is perfect.


She's my mommy.not my nanny T shirt is my choice.

Linda Moeller


Lisa Fosses

I like multi-culti cutie. My hubbie is Greek and I'm German and Swedish.


she's my mommy, not my nanny

I'm a white mom of an asian kid!

Kathy Scott

I like I can whine in two languages. Thanks for the chance.

Lois Lane

my daughter's multi culti bff would LOVE this... at least her parents will! :) thanks.

the multi culti cutie is so cute!


I love that Multi Cutie Cutie shirt!


I'd love the bread and rice in blue 2T

Lyudmila Sizova

I love multi-culti cutie! Thanks!

Overwhelmed With Joy!

Oh, I'd love to win the I'm Swirled" shirt for my 13 month old foster daughter. :)


I love the "I can whine in 2 different languages shirt." It's very appropriate for us!

Jenny M

She's my mommy, not my nanny=). I can so relate as a bicultural family!!

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